Tantalum capillary tube

Tantalum capillary tube

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Product Description

Temper condition: cold drawn, annealed, seamless.
Specs : according to ASTM B521 - 98 R05200.
Chemical composition : 
            O         0.0150 %max
            C         0.0100 %max
            N         0.0100 %max
            H         0.0015 %max
            Fe        0.0100 %max
            Ni         0.0100 %max
            Si         0.0050 %max
            Ti         0.0100 %max
            Mo        0.0200 %max
            W         0.0500 %max
            Nb        0.1000 %max
            Ta balance (typically 99.92%)
Physical & Mechanical property :
            Tensile strength 207 MPa min.
            Yield strength    138 MPa min.
            Elongation         25%min 
Size Available :  Tantalum capillary, tantalum fine tube, tantalum micro tube 
Outer Diameter 0.020" up to 0.080" x Wall Thickness .001" up to .020" x Length up to 8 ft max. or 
Outer Diameter 0.508 mm up to 2.032 mm x Wall Thickness 0.025mm up to 0.5 mm x Length up to 2540 mm max. 

Tantalum tube, tantalum tubing 
Outer Diameter 0.080" up to 0.75" x Wall  .007874" up to .20" x Length up to 8 ft max. or 
Outer Diameter 2.0 up to 19.05 mm x Wall Thickness 0.20 up to 5 mm x Length up to 2540 meters max. 

Typical Size : 
(OD=Outside Diameter or Outer Diameter, ID=Inside Diameter or Inner Diameter, WT=Wall Thickness, LG=Length) 
0.55mm OD x 0.35mm ID x 0.10mm WT x 5.08mm LG;  
0.60mm OD x 0.40mm ID x 0.10mm WT x 100mm LG; 
2.46mm OD x 2.41mm ID x 0.025mm WT x 7.87mm LG; 
3.57mm OD x 3.41mm ID x 0.080mm WT x 50.0mm LG;  
1.0MM OD x 0.24MM WT X 25MM LG (.040" OD x .021" ID x 1" LG); 
1.0mm OD x 0.54mm ID x 0.23mm WT x 0.20" (50.8mm) LG;
1.0mm OD x 0.54mm ID x 0.23mm WT x 38.1mm LG;
1.0mm OD x 0.54mm ID x 0.23mm WT x 304.8mm LG;
1.0mm OD x 0.54mm ID x 0.23mm WT x 762mm LG;
1.016MM OD X 0.24MM WT X 38.1MM LG(.040" OD x .021" ID x 1.5" LG)
1.016MM OD X 0.24MM WT X 304.8MM LG(.040" OD x .021" ID x 1FT)
1.0414mm OD x 0.5588mm ID x 0.2413mm WT x 5.6896mm LG(OD=0.041", ID=0.022", WT=0.0095", LG=0.224");
1.20mm OD x 0.8mm ID x 0.20mm WT x 304.8mm LG;
1.30mm OD x 0.84mm ID x 0.23mm WT x 304.8mm LG;

1.50mm OD x 1.0mm ID x 0.25mm WT x 150mm LG;
1.50mm OD x 0.5mm ID x 0.50mm WT x 150mm LG;
1.5748MM OD x 0.813MM ID x 0.3809MM WT x 609.6MM LG (.062" OD x .032" ID x 24" LG)
1.5748MM OD x 0.813MM ID x 0.3809MM WT x 1200MM LG (.062" OD x .032" ID x 47.25" LG)
1.5748mm OD x 0.813mm ID x 1186mm(0.062"=OD, 0.032"=ID);
1.5875mm OD x 0.813mm ID x 0.3885mm WT x 1186mm LG(1/16"=OD, 13/16"=ID, 0.0153"=WT);
1.59MM OD x 0.813MM ID x 0.3885 WT x 600MM LG
.064" OD x .044" ID x .010" WT x 30-60" Length.
1.6mm OD x 1.1mm ID x 0.25mm Wall x 800(+3/-0) mm Length
1.6256mm OD x 1.1456mm IDx0.23mm WT x 762mm LG (0.064"=OD, 0.045"=ID, 0.0094"=WT, 30"=LG);
1.727 mm OD x 1.270mm ID x 0.23mm WT x 762mm(.068" OD x .050" x .0090" x 30" LG)

2.0mm OD  x  1.0mm ID x 0.5mm WT x 508mm LG;
2.0mm OD  x  1.4mm ID x 0.3mm WT x 18mm LG;
2.1mm OD  x  1.6mm ID x 0.25mm WT x 500mm LG;
2.4mm OD  x  1.6mm ID x 0.4mm   WT x 508mm LG;

3.0MM OD x 2.5MM ID x 0.25MM x 2000MM LG
3.0MM OD x 1.0MM ID x 1.00MM x 2500MM LG
3mm OD x  2.0mm ID x 0.5mm WT x 1000mm LG;(0.1181"=OD, 0.0787"=ID, 0.02"=WT); 
3mm OD x  1.5mm ID x 0.74mm WT ; 
3mm OD x  1.0mm ID x 1.0mm WT x 1000mm LG; 
3.1mm OD x  2.62mm ID x 0.24mm WT (1/8" OD x .103" ID ); 
3.175mm OD x 0.50mm WTx 304.8mm Length(1/8" OD x .085" ID x .020" x 12");
3.175mm OD x 2.8702mm ID x 0.15mm WT x 508mm Length (1/8" OD x .113" ID x 20");
3.2MM OD x 2.9MM ID x 508MM LG(.125" OD x .1124" ID x 20" LG)
3.2mm OD x 2.4mm ID x 0.4(+/-0.04)mm Wall x 800(+3)mm LG

4.0MM OD x 3.0MM ID x 0.50MM WT x 1000 mm LG
5.0MM OD x 3.0MM ID x 1.00MM WT x 1000mm LG (0.209 kg/pc);
6.0mm OD x 5.2 mm ID x 0.4 mm WT x 1100 mm length
6.0mm OD x 4.0 mm ID x 1.0 mm WT x 900(+3) mm LG
6.35mm OD x 5.33mm ID x  0.51mm x 1000mm (0.156 kg/pc)= 1/4" OD x .21" ID x .02" x 40"
6.35mm OD x 4.35mm ID x 1.00mm WT x 1200mm (0.336 kg/pc);

Typical application: it used for glass-to-metal seal suitable for a component in an electric circuit such as a liquid tantalum electrolytic capacitor;tantalum capillary tube can be often used as the filament lead tube of the cathode insulator in an x-ray tube.

Trade name: tantalum capillary tube, tantalum capillary tubing, tantalum fine tubes, tantalum lead tube, tantalum tubes, micro tantalum tube, micro tantalum tubing, micro tantalum tubes, tantalum sleeve, tantalum cathode sleeve, tantalum precision tube, tantalum precision tubing, tantalum micro tubes, tantalum micro tubing, tantalum tube terminal, tantalum tube lugs, tantalum bushing, etc.,

Standard Specification for Unalloyed Tantalum for Surgical Implant Applications (ASTM F 560 - 05 UNS R05200, ASTM F 560 - 05 UNS R05400).  This specification is under the jurisdiction of ASTM committee F04 on Medical and Surgical Materials and Devices (orthopaedic medical devices) and is the direct responsibility of Subcommittee F04.12 on Metallurgical Materials.

This Specification covers the chemical requirements, mechanical properties, and metallurgical requirements for unalloyed tantalum wire, unalloyed tantalum rod, unalloyed tantalum tube, unalloyed tantalum ribbon, unalloyed tantalum strip, unalloyed tantalum foil, unalloyed tantalum sheet, unalloyed tantalum plate, etc., used in the manufacture of surgical implants.

Referenced Standards :
ASTM B 364 Specification for Tantalum and Tantalum Alloy Ingots;
ASTM B 365 Specification for Tantalum rod + Tantalum Alloy Rod + Tantalum Wire + Tantalum Alloy Wire; 
ASTM B 708 Specification for Tantalum Ribbon, Tantalum Alloy Ribbon, Tantalum Strip, Tantalum Alloy Strip, Tantalum Foil, Tantalum Alloy Foil, Tantalum Sheet, Tantalum Alloy Sheet, Tantalum Plate, Tantalum Alloy Plate;
ASTM E 8 Test Methods for Tension Testing of Metallic Materials;
ASTM E 29 Practice for Using Significant Digits in Test Data to Determine Conformance with Specifications;
ASTM F 981 Practice for Assessment of Compatibility of Biomaterials for Surgical Implants with Respect to Effect of Materials on Muscle and Bone;
ASQ C1 Specification of General Requirements for a Quality Program;
ISO 6892 Metallic Materials Tensile Testing at Ambient Temperature;
Standard Specification ASTM B 521 -98 for Tantalum Tube + Tantalum Alloy Tube Seamless and Welded.

This specification covers tantalum and tantalum alloy seamless and welded tubes of the following grades:
1. ASTM B 521 -98 UNS R05200, unalloyed tantalum, vacuum melt;
2. ASTM B 521 -98 UNS R05200, unalloyed tantalum, powder-metallugry consolidation;
3. ASTM B 521 -98 UNS R05255, tantalum alloy, 90% tantalum 10% tungsten alloy, vacuum melted;
4. ASTM B 521 -98 UNS R05252, tantalum alloy, 97.5% tantalum 2.5% tungsten alloy, vacuum melted;
5. ASTM B 521 -98 UNS R05240, tantalum alloy, 60% tantalum 40% columbium, electron-beam furnace or vacuum-arc melt, or both.

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