Tantalum 2.5% Tungsten tube

Tantalum 2.5% Tungsten tube

Model No.︰Ta2.5W

Brand Name︰jxmetals

Country of Origin︰China

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Product Description

Specs : according to ASTM B521-98 R05252.
Temper : As Drawn, Annealed.

Chemical Analysis Results Standard Value
Tantalum(Ta) Remainder   Remainder
Carbon(C) 0.0008%   0.0100%max
Oxygen(O) 0.0030%   0.0150%max
Nitrogen(N) 0.0020%   0.0100%max
Hydrogen(H) 0.0002%   0.0015%max
Niobium(Nb) <0.0050%   0.5000%max
Iron or Ferro(Fe) <0.0005%   0.0100%max
Titanium(Ti) <0.0001%   0.0100%max
Tungsten(W) 2.57%   2.0-3.5%
Molybdenum(Mo) <0.0010%   0.0200%max
Silicon(Si) 0.0018%   0.0050%max
Nickel(Ni) <0.0005%   0.0100%max
Chromium(Cr)       /       /
Zirconium(Zr)       /       /

Size available :
Outer Diameter 2.0 up to 38 mm x Wall Thickness 0.25 up to 5 mm x Length up to 6 meters max.
Typical size :
3.175mm ODx 0.50mm WTx 304.8mm Length(0.021 kg/pc);
4.749mm ODx 0.50mm WTx 304.8mm Length(0.034kg/pc);
5.00mm OD x 1.00mm WTx 1000mm Length (0.209 kg/pc);
6.35mm OD x 0.51mm WTx 1000mm Length (0.156 kg/pc);
6.35mm OD x 1.00mm WTx 1200mm Length (0.336 kg/pc);
7.00mm OD x 1.00mm WTx 1000mm Length (0.314 kg/pc);
8.00mm OD x 0.25mm WTx 1000mm Length (0.101 kg/pc);
9.00mm OD x 0.30mm WTx 500mm Length  (0.069 kg/pc);
10.0mm OD x 0.80mm WTx 1000mm Length (0.385 kg/pc);
10.0mm OD x 1.00mm WTx 1000mm Length (0.471 kg/pc);
10.0mm OD x 1.00mm WTx 1016mm Length (0.479 kg/pc);
12.0mm OD x 0.38mm WTx 1100mm Length (0.254 kg/pc);
12.7mm OD x 1.00mm WTx 1016mm Length (0.622 kg/pc);
14.0mm OD x 0.50mm WTx 2000mm Length (0.706 kg/pc);
15.9mm OD x 0.50mm WTx 1000mm Length (0.403 kg/pc);
19.0mm OD x 1.00mm WTx 1000mm Length (0.942 kg/pc);

19.05mm OD x 18.03mm ID x 0.508mm WT x 9000mm LG;
38.0mm OD x 1.30mm WTx 2500mm Length (6.240 kg/pc);

Typical application: Tantalum tubing (or Tantalum Alloy tube) are mainly used for tantalum heat exchangers, tantalum shell and tantalum tube heaters, tantalum bayonet heaters, tantalum condensers, tantalum vessel liners, tantalum tublar sputtering targets, tantalum cathode protection systems for steel structures such as tantalum bridges, tantalum water tanks, corrosion resistant tantalum fasteners, high temperature furnace Parts, the spare parts of Nuclear Reactors, Aircraft and Missile.

Trade names : Ta2.5W (97.5%Tantalum, 2.5% tungsten) tube, Tantalloy (tantalum-tungsten alloy), Tantallum Alloy tubing (97.5/2.5 Ta/W), Ta2.5W tube or KBI-10 tubing, Ta-W 97.5/2.5 wt% , TaW2.5 alloy tubing, Tantal 2.5 % Wolfram, Tantal 2.5 Wolfram, Tantalum alloys tubing, 97.5/2.5  Tantallum alloy pipes, Tantal/Wolfram, Nonferrous alloy, Refractory alloy,Tantalum alloy, Tantalloy, Miscellaneous tantalum alloy, tantalum alloys, tantalum-tungsten alloy tubes, Tantal 2,5 Wolfram, Tantal 2,5 % Wolfram, Tantalum-Tungsten tube, TaW2.5, TaW2.5 tube, Ta-97/W-2.5 %wt , Ta-97.5/W-2.5  %wt , Ta-W, Ta 2.5% W tube,  97.5 Ta 2.5 W alloy tube, tantalum 2,5 Tungsten tube, etc.,

Standard Specification ASTM B 521 -98 for Tantalum Tube + Tantalum Alloy Tube Seamless and Welded.This specification covers tantalum and tantalum alloy seamless and welded tubes of the following grades:
1. ASTM B 521 -98 UNS R05200, unalloyed tantalum, vacuum melt;
2. ASTM B 521 -98 UNS R05200, unalloyed tantalum, powder-metallugry consolidation;
3. ASTM B 521 -98 UNS R05255, tantalum alloy, 90% tantalum 10% tungsten alloy, vacuum melted;
4. ASTM B 521 -98 UNS R05252, tantalum alloy, 97.5% tantalum 2.5% tungsten alloy, vacuum melted;
5. ASTM B 521 -98 UNS R05240, tantalum alloy, 60% tantalum 40% columbium, electron-beam furnace or vacuum-arc melt, or both.

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